but i know i can’t live without my radio…


i spent the better part of yesterday going through photos while listening to different radio shows online.

dj evil dee is on the mix (you know the rest): http://djevildee.podomatic.com/

maryland’s own peter rosenberg: http://www.rosenbergradio.com/

be sure to listen to pete’s “late night” shows, as well as the “juan epstein” podcasts he does with cipha sounds. they have a nice chemistry. cipha sounds is actually pretty funny–i listen to cipha sounds in the morning on sirius when i’m not listening to howard stern.

pete just had one of my heroes, “uncle” ralph mcdaniels, on the show recently. great episode! i have always admired ralph for really having his ear to the streets. when i lived in new york, video music box exposed me to so many acts for the first time. here’s a picture i took of him on stage at the brooklyn hip hop festival last summer.

umcle ralph

i already mentioned i listen to stern (pretty religiously) and cipha sounds on sirius. my real favorite mix shows on sirius, though, are “the drunk mix” and “the pill mix” with dj lord sear and rude jude, respectively. i never pay enough attention to realize if both shows are part of their “all out show” or separate shows, but all of it is alright by me. i even wrote to sirius to suggest rerunning their shows on the weekend, but all i got was a form response thanking me for my feedback about how much i love shade 45. womp, womp.

links: http://www.myspace.com/alloutshow, http://www.myspace.com/thedrunkmix


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