lafayette gilchrist & carl grubbs at gallery spectra


The photo above was taken a few years back for a Music Monthly cover story on Lafayette Gilchrist. The story was written by someone else, but in the course of shooting the photos and just hanging out, I had a wonderful time with Lafayette. He’s the kind of person who has so many interests and possesses so much knowledge, it’s impossible not to be inspired by him. And his music? Wow. I wouldn’t know where to start–and I’ve never considered myself a critic, per se–but I might recommend checking out The Music According to Lafayette Gilchrist first.

Lafayette and Carl Grubbs will be doing a special show this Sunday at Gallery Spectra, which I’ve written about here before. Founded and run by my lovely friends Karen Summerville and Shawn Holmes, the gallery is a beautiful space with a great vibe. The fact that it’s in Charles Village is icing on the cake!

From Gallery Spectra’s e-mail: “Carl Gordon Grubbs, alto, soprano and tenor saxophonist and Lafayette Gilchrist, jazz pianist are collaborating on a CD recording entitled The Maryland Traditions Project celebrating the music of significant jazz musicians from Baltimore, including Chick Webb, Eubie Blake, Billie Holiday, Albert Dailey and Baker Artist Awards winner Carl Grubbs!” (see the flier below for more details)



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