slum village, 1998

took this photo at either the dc or baltimore show in 1998 when slum village was opening for a tribe called quest. the scan of the negative isn’t very good at all, but it will work for now. r.i.p. dilla & baatin.

slum village, 1998

slum village, 1998



  1. broady · September 4, 2009

    this was mos def the Towson Show. Tribes last show. Tip was on one end of the stage and Phife was on the other.. bruthas was

  2. ohbaltimore · September 7, 2009

    yeah, but i went to the same show the night before at georgetown, so i’m not sure which show this is from. i can figure it out, but i’d have to go through my other photos & negatives. too much trouble…lol.

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