Mullyman: “She Hurtin’ Em” Video

Check out this new video from one of the hardest working MCs in Baltimore, Mullyman.  Directed by Tabi Bonney, the video complements the song well, with its hyper-quick edits. Check back soon for photos from Mully’s most recent video shoot for “Step Aside”, a new song with DJ Booman and Jimmy Jones.



  1. Peat Marwick · February 1, 2010

    Funny you mention the quick flashed bc I think that distracts from the video. maybe it has to grow on me. Other than that, the video is straight. Big UPS to Mully.

  2. ohbaltimore · February 8, 2010

    interesting–i think it adds to the energy of it.

    • Peat Marwick · February 8, 2010

      It’s just not really to the beat though. And I love Tabi, but i’m beginning to think he’s a hack.

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