cee-lo + greg street: “stray bullets”

As someone who came up purchasing music, the new music model is still often a bit baffling to me. Take, for instance, this mixtape from Cee-Lo Green (Goodie Mob, Gnarls Barkley) and Greg Street. Released last month, this 14-track work is something I gladly would have paid for–the quality and cohesion is above a lot of what I’ve heard recently. But, it’s free. Not complaining–not at all. I just wonder in this easy-come/easy-go musical atmosphere, if this might get forgotten along with other mixtapes.

Among my favorites is “You Don’t Shock Me Anymore”, in which Cee-Lo explores some of his own bafflement with the music industry: “I believed in magic/Once Upon a time. When something had to be special/Couldn’t see it online.” (Ah the memories.) Another standout is “I’ll Kill Her”, which features ME and LOnan the Destroyer (quick google search yielded nothing but links to this mixtape) lamenting Cee-Lo’s cheating ways by threatening to kill the other woman who “stole [her] dreams.” I promise I don’t identify with the sentiment, but love the song–and the female singer’s accent–nonetheless. There’s something ingratiatingly cheesy about “I Like It”, with its infectious hook and bouncy track.

The bulk of the production was done by the Grey Area (I’m trying to find out more about him/her/them) and it’s perfect for Ce-Lo’s soulful delivery. It’s probably important to note that the project manages to have a sort of throwback feel without feeling dated at all.

As for the title, with his next “official” full length due out later this year, I’m guessing the stray bullets are these songs themselves, but more often than not, these slugs hit the target.

You can download here (link via Nah Right).



  1. Broady · July 26, 2010

    These recent free mix-albums have impressed me to no end. Seems that the artists that’ve been releasing these lately arent just putting out the throwaways.. You gotta check out Black Spade’s Build and Destroy joint. Its just incredible.

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