skarr akbar: “ventilation” video

I ran into Profitt at Best Buy yesterday. Profitt is one of the more prolific artists in the Baltimore hip hop scene–it seemed as if every time I used to run into him at shows and such, he had a new CD to give me. More recently, Profitt has been trying his hand at video directing, and I guess he is just prolific by nature, as he told me yesterday that he has done nearly 70 videos since he first started doing them less than a year ago. He clearly has the eye for it, as evidenced by what I think is his best work (although I haven’t watched all the others), the video for Skarr Akbar’s “Ventilation”.

The gritty black and white video lends the perfect complement to Skarr’s introspective, slightly gloomy track. Check it out:

To see more of Profitt’s video work, visit his YouTube channel.

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