dirt platoon: “pennsylvania avenue” video

Dirt Platoon is one of my favorite groups in Baltimore to see live, but I don’t think I’ve ever really had any of their recorded music. Tom Delay, who produced this track with R. Taylor, sent me the link to this video for “Pennsylvania Avenue”, which features notorious former drug kingpin Melvin Williams. The song, as the title so clearly suggests, is about Baltimore’s famed Pennsylvania Avenue, a westside thoroughfare with a rich history. Little remains of the active cultural scene that once thrived there, but the Pennsylvania Avenue is still an area abounding with Baltimore’s unique character. This song and video–both with a bit of a rugged 90s underground feel, without looking or sounding dated–capture it well. The video was directed by Profitt Prod.


  1. Liezel127 · August 20, 2010

    They are one of my favorite groups! The realness of their songs hits me every time! To me this is real hip hop!! I have their “The Brute and The Brains” cd. It’s actually the second copy because the 1st one disappeared! LOL

    I love the video! Profitt did a great job and to have Little Melvin in there makes it even better especially if you are going to talk about Pennsylvania Ave!! LOL

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