“sands on sports”

Interest in hip hop and sports often overlap, so the first time I saw J. Sands’ Sands on Sports videos, I thought to myself: what a clever idea.  Since starting the videos less than two years ago, Sands (an MC/producer probably best known as one half of Lone Catalysts) has produced and uploaded almost 60 episodes, in which he combines interview segments with his own commentary on current topics in the world of sports. Guests have included Pete Rock, Del the Funkee Homosapien, Kev Brown, Black Milk, Roddyrod, and many, many more (most often fellow hip hop artists). Sands’ knowledge coupled with an easy-going enthusiasm really makes for entertaining viewing.

Check out the latest episode, featuring Jeru the Damaja, then scroll down for a quick Q&A I conducted with J. Sands.

How did you come up with the idea to do the “Sands on Sports” videos?

Well, I am a super sports fan, so I figured since I am around all these interested people I might as well do something constructive with it.

How do you decide upon guests for the show?

It depends who I am around on the road or if an artist is coming through the DMV, so really convenience decides the guest.

Are there any artists you really want to interview who you haven’t been able to yet? If so, who?

Aw there are so many hip hop artists, Nas…I don’t know…I want to get at them all eventually.

Of those you’ve interviewed, who have been the most knowledgeable about sports?

I would have to say Mr. Lif, Phife Dawg, and Sen Dog. [note: the Sen Dog interview is complete, but not yet available online.]

How do you keep up with everything going on in the world of sports?

Well it’s 6:30am right now and I have Mike and Mike blasting through the house, so I always listen to sports talk radio, watch ESPN a lot.  It’s nothing I have to go out my way to do because my mind and ears are always tuned in to the sports world.

I know you’re a Steelers fan, but you live in the Baltimore area now, so how do you think the Ravens are looking this year?

The Ravens are going to have a tough season with the loss of Stallworth. I think if they do make the playoffs it will be a wildcard.

What is your all-time favorite sports-related memory?

The Steelers winning the Super Bowl against the Cardinals… Santonio Holmes catch…CLASSIC!


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