dirt platoon: deeper than dirt

Last month, I posted Dirt Platoon’s most excellent “Pennsylvania Avenue”. Now, the Baltimore duo has released Deeper than Dirt (Brakefast Records), a 12-song LP with production split mostly between Tom Delay and Fel Sweetenberg. I’ve heard a bunch of Tom Delay beats at various battles in past years, and have always been impressed by his production style. Fel Sweetenberg is a producer from Philly I first heard at a Beat Society in DC many years back. (If memory serves correctly, that Beat Society featured Fel alongside 9th Wonder, Roddy Rod, and Illmind.)

For no particular reason (well, maybe it was the title), the first song I listened to off Deeper than Dirt was one Fel produced, titled “E.L.A.I.N.E.”. Great choice on my part–this song reminds me a little of M.O.P. in its intensity, subject matter, and interplay between DP’s two MCs. (I believe there used to be more people in the group.) Production on this one is stellar.

DP’s current single is the Tom Delay-produced “Almighty”. I’m reluctant to make another M.O.P. comparison here because I’m not trying to suggest that DP sounds exactly like them–or are even attempting to do so–but here again are shades of the Brownsville duo in this Bmore duo. It’s a compliment, for certain. Again, loving the beat on this one.

Another standout is “The F*ck It”, which features Mic Brown and L.E.G.A.C.Y.. The title gives you a great idea of what this track is, and it’s a fun listen, believe it or not. (Well probably not fun for Leg’s child’s mother, whom he calls a “whore”. Ouch.)

I haven’t spent much time with the rest of this album yet, but I definitely will. To preview and purchase Deeper than Dirt, click here.

One comment

  1. Ja Alah-Ai a.k.a. Jahli · September 27, 2010

    This E.L.A.I.N.E. song is dope! Very strong ; and the sample used on the Almighty song is very haunting… reminiscent of what I call ‘Golden Era’ (mid to late 90’s) Hip Hop but sounds very relevant and up to date. I’m gonna have to check out the whole project.

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