skillz + dj jazzy jeff + j. period: infamous quotes

In advance of his upcoming album, The World Needs More Skillz, Skillz has joined forces with DJs Jazzy Jeff and J. Period to release this very clever concept mixtape, Infamous Quotes. Many of the songs are built around quotes from movies, television, etc. (I think it’s important to mention here that I have not seen a lot of movies that apparently EVERYONE has seen, so some of these quotes are a little less infamous to me, but I did recognize enough.)

Producers on the project include Nottz, Alchemist, and Don Cannon. Guest MCs include Truck North and Boogie. Infamous Quotes really flows well and showcases Skillz’ humor particularly well.

Those who follow Skillz and Questlove on Twitter might remember some time back when the two made a hefty wager, with Questlove betting $10K that Russell Simmons would not reply to a question Skillz had asked him on Twitter. Lo and behold, Uncle Rush did reply to Skillz. What happened next? To hear–as Paul Harvey would say–the rest of the story, listen to “The Last Laugh”: 

With The World Needs More Skillz coming out October 25, I think it’s safe to say these back-to-back releases will be sufficient to shush those who say that “all Skillz does is the Rap Up.” Click here to download Infamous Quotes.

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