duck down records’ 15th anniversary

buckshot + general steele (photo by kelly connelly)

I had intended to write a review of the Duck Down 15th Anniversary show at Sonar, but the week got away from me (read: real job responsibilities), and in the meantime, my old pal Rhome Anderson wrote this great review for the Washington Post. Although Rhome’s review is actually of the DC show the night after the Baltimore tour stop, he pretty much summed up my thoughts on the show. One highlight of the Baltimore show, though, was watching Smif-N-Wessun (remember when they went by Cocoa Brovaz for a little while?) perform an entire song on top of the bar.

Running a successful independent hop hip label for 15 years is no easy feat. Equally remarkable, I think, is the way Duck Down made itself know from the beginning. The phrase “it’s a movement” is so over- and erroneously used nowadays, but from the time they started, it seemed like Duck Down really was a movement and presented an entire aesthetic that helped them establish their identity and make a strong name for themselves. While the tour was billed as a 15th Anniversary celebration–and certainly all of us of a certain age indulged in our fair share of nostalgia–it was great to see a newer Duck Down artist, Skyzoo, win over the crowd with an impressive command of the stage.

Check out Skyzoo’s latest video, for his single “Speakers on Blast”:

I just came across this episode of D-Nice’s True Hip-Hip Stories, in which Buckshot talks about the making and meaning of “How Many Emcees”, among other things:

And, as an added bonus, check out DJ Booman‘s Duck Down mix from Strictly Hip Hop a couple weeks back.

(Click the photo at the top for the full photoset from Sonar.)



  1. Danj! · October 26, 2010

    Good stuff, Kay Cee

    You were def. right on point about the “movement” they had, they branded themselves and their music well even back then, when a lot of crews weren’t doing it like they did. One group would come out and introduce the other, who’d introduce the other… they had a certain style of hooks/beats/videos/etc… the whole Army theme…

    I was def. one of those day one Black Moon fans who followed that whole movement as it went on with Smif-n-Wessun, Heltah, OGC, n’nem, and they’re still doin’ it- especially Sean P- can’t be mad at BCC. Salute.


  2. ohbaltimore · October 30, 2010

    good point about them bringing each artist out… that’s sort of how the show was set up, too, just in reverse (if that makes sense).

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