arcieri keness: “before i say hello”

Aside from being twitter friends (and new ones, at that), I didn’t know much about Baltimore’s Arcieri Keness when he sent me this song. After listening, I wanted to learn more. His twitter bio reveals that he is an: “emcee. author. writer. tea drinker.” I found this interview he did with Solediction to be informative and interesting.

Anyway, this post is about this song he sent, which isn’t new, but new to me. I was instantly drawn in by the drums on this RJD2-produced track, with which Arcieri’s frantic flow fits perfectly. There’s some atmospheric goodness here, as well, with the overall feel provoking in my head–for who knows what reason, really–images of chase scenes in foreign films. All this to say I really like it. Check it out:

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