rickie jacobs ft. street scott: “victory lap”

Baltimore’s Rickie Jacobs has just released this video for “Victory Lap”, which features Street Scott on the hook, beat, and a verse. There’s a lot to like here–Rickie’s heartfelt lyrics and melodic flow, Scott’s soulful vocals, and production that is smooth without being too smooth. (You know what I mean.) The look and feel of the video matches up just right.

Through following Rickie on twitter, I know that a few people have criticized his slight lisp, but to me, that’s part of what sets his already great voice apart. (Like Guru said: “It’s mostly the voice.”) Also through twitter interaction, I know that he lost his mom a few years back, so the end of the video is a bit of a tear-jerker. The tribute is done in a subtle and touching way–kudos to director Syranno Debergiak/Illustrious Symphony. There’s a lot of personality in this video–something that I imagine must be hard to convey in videos since I don’t feel like I see it all that often.


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