kokayi: pacific coast highway

As I’ve mentioned many times, Kokayi is one of the most talented artists I know. His latest release, Pacific Coast Highway, is an instrumental album inspired by undoubtedly one of the most breath-taking scenic routes in the contiguous United States. (I mean breath-taking literally–the one time I drove it, the views each bend and contour revealed were truly gasp-inducing.)

“The concept was to provide a soundtrack for the drive from San Diego to Washington State via the Pacific Coast Highway,” explains Kok. “It didn’t hurt that I wanted to do another instrumental record.”

Sequence-wise, the album follows the northward journey with sounds distinctive to each region peppering the songs. Check out Kokayi’s homage to the Bay area below.

kokayi: the mfn yay

This just in: Be the 1,400th person to like Kokayi on Facebook and he will perform at your home.

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