al great: “pray i make it” + ddm “piece of my heart”

Two of my favorite Baltimore artists released new videos today.

Al Great: “Pray I Make It” I like the camera work on this one and the way Al, almost all alone, commands attention throughout this video. At the risk of sounding like a complete dolt, though, I didn’t really get the role of the two guys chasing him. (Ideas? Leave them in the comments if the spirit moves you.)


DDm: “Piece of My Heart” This is DDm (known to many still as Midas) at his finest–raw, heartfelt lyrics delivered with passion. I’m a fan of DDm’s more colorful antics as well, but I appreciate the subdued and grimy look to this video. The collage of footage at the beginning helps set the theme of the song into context, but having it take up almost half the entire run time of the video seemed a little excessive to me.


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