I am a Baltimore-based photographer, writer, teacher, and graphic designer.

This blog features things I know about or come across in a variety of ways. If you have something to share that you think might be up my alley, feel free to drop me a line: ohbaltimore[at]gmail[dot]com.

The name of this here blog was inspired by Randy Newman’s “Baltimore”, which I actually first heard through a Nina Simone version. Both are excellent. (Here’s The Tamlins’ version, produced by Sly & Robbie, for good measure.) And I’m from Baltimore, so there’s that.

p.s. I am temporarily redirecting my photography site http://www.kellyconnelly.com here, but you can check out some more recent work I’ve done–in all its semi-unorganized glory–on my flickr page.



  1. mstrismusic · January 7, 2009

    WELLLLPPP…lol… look what I found… 🙂 ..I’ll call, text, email the rest later on… Oh.. a happy find ” it- t-i-z”

  2. danjamania · May 25, 2009

    Hey Kells… I’m comin’ to join ya, honey!

    June 1st!

  3. Apri · March 31, 2011

    I sent you an email, I hope you get a chance to breeze through 🙂

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