rhymes by kane: thievery corporation edition

If you can say one thing about Kane Mayfield, it’s that he always keeps people guessing. Sometimes, it’s guessing what potentially inappropriate comment he’ll make in person or online, but more often (and more importantly), it’s with the music. Enter Rhymes by Kane: Thievery Corporation Edition. Here, Kane rhymes–as the title clearly suggests–over Thievery Corporation tracks. “New Jack City” is a perfect fit for the tone of Kane’s voice and the picture he paints is at the same time vivid and subdued. On “Beautiful Drug”, Kane uses a syncopated flow that makes it sound like the track was made for him.

Click on the cover to download.


kane mayfield… ghostface + black thought

These two songs reminded me of each other. I suppose it’s the booming beats and all that rapping like they really mean it. Both came out a few months ago.

Kane Mayfield: “Wreck”:

Download “Wreck” here.

Download Ghostface Killah & Black Thought: “In the Park” here. (I forget where I got this link from. My apologies.)