smash + 3 stacks: soundalikes?

Smash (photo by kelly connelly)

I’ve been meaning to post this verse from Andre 3000 for a little while, mainly to see if I’m the only one who thinks his flow on this sounds an awful like that of Smash. I’m not suggesting he’s biting, but there are some similarities I’ve never heard before. Listen and let me know: am I right or am I right?

Andre 3000: “I Do” 

Smash: “My Dummy”

(I got the “I Do” link from Nah Right.)

dj quicksilva – “where they do that at”

feast your ears on this spankin’ new baltimore remix of dj quicksilva’s “where they do that at”

the remix features mullyman, bossman, skarr akbar, smash, tiara laniece, japiro, barnes, q, comp, paula campbell, 100 grand man, and los. lots of quotables here, but japiro’s line–and, obviously, i’m paraphrasing here–about being over 25 with souljah boy as a ringtone on a cricket phone was one of my favorites.